Sunday, August 17, 2008

Once again, a little slap from God

Well, another day of preaching and worship has winded down to a close and as I reflect on the day and thank God for what He has done I realize and accept the fact that, once again, I earned a "little slap from God." Let me explain.

As I lay in the bed this morning before rising I listened to the raindrops. In fact it rained most of the night. Anyway, as I lay there I was thinking, well, I know what this means, attendance is going to be a wash out today and all of the hard work in laboring in the word and making preparation all week long is going to fall on deaf ears.

Upon arriving at the church and seeing just a small handful of cars on the parking lot I perceived in my feeble mind, that "you were right." I went through the usual routine of sitting in on Sunday School, while continuing to pray for the worship. As the worship began the crowd was, just as I had predicted, pretty thin, and I was, (unconsciously of course) saying, "yes, you were right." I continued to pray and just made up my mind that "it really don't matter", I am just going to preach as the Lord has directed and the few of us that are here are going to "give God the glory." From this point forward in the worship I was just totally not focused on the number of folks who were or were not there. My heart, my mind, my thoughts and my focus was on the word. God blessed the word and the worship in a great way and, I'm not making this up, it was not until the benediction that I actually noticed that the Lord had grown the number of folks that were there. It was then that I realized that, "once again", I had gotten a little "slap from God." A "little slap" to let me know afresh that He, not me, is in charge of this business! A "little slap" to let me know that He, not me, is the center of attraction. A "little slap" to let me know that He, is not hung up or even concerned about the numbers. A "little slap" to let me know that He, not me, already knew exactly who would and who would not be in attendance.

Now, as strange at it may sound, I love these "little slaps" from God. I thank God for them. And I repent and apologize to God for ever having these little feeble thoughts and feelings.

Well, I know that this little blog probably does not make much sense to anybody but me but, hey, it has made me feel better to share it. God is good and He loves us more that we love ourselves and because of His great love for us He gives us a "little slap" every now and then. Thank God for the "little slap."

By the tie of Calvary,

Pastor W.L. Pullam

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Greetings to all.

Well, I finally took the first step into the big wide world of blogging.
In the coming days I will be making an attempt to post my first blog. I ask in advance for the sincere prayers of the righteous.
At this point, I do not anticipate a daily post but will, at least for now, post a thought or two from time to time.