Sunday, August 11, 2013

I did not realize that it had been so long since I posted on my blog. Where does the time go? It is good to be back and I hope at the very least to check in more often than I have over the past year or so.
I have been rejoicing all week over finding a long lost book that I had searched my library for and could not find. It was literally "in plain sight" on one of my bookshelves but I had continually overlooked it in all of my searching. I thought of my late grandmother, Sis. Lena Hall, who would always say "if it had been a snake it would have bit you". Yes, grandmaw, it sure would have.                    The book is titled "The Rhythm of Life" by Richard Exley. It is a very good book and I am looking forward to reading it afresh in the days to come. This book is especially helpful to preachers and pastors in particular and it encourages us to have a "balance" and "rhythm" in our daily activities and lives in general. In the books intro it states: "You find yourself trapped in a lifestyle crowded with activity, caught in the process of living - but too busy to live. The tedium of daily events, overbooked schedules and routine activities demand your dreams give way to a neverending flow of immediate needs. You have achieved success but the sense of fulfillment continues to elude you. You don't have time to redefine your purpose and direction in life...." Does this sound familiar to anyody out there in the blog world? God bless you all.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Checking In

Wow! It has been a really long time since I last blogged! Time truly has a way of slipping away. I won't even try and blog anything at this time but just wanted to say hello to the blog family.
I pray that all is well with you and yours. I have throughly enjoyed and been blessed by the post I read tonight and it was refreshing to reconnect with the blog family. God bless you all and I will be in touch.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Blessings and Benefits of Fellowship

Well folks, here I am again. It has been a while but, then again, I told you it probably would be.
But as my lovely wife and I prepare to attend yet another National Baptist Convention I was led to share some of my thoughts on the blessings and benefits of true fellowship (the koinonia kind). Now, understand that we have been attending National Conventions for quite some time now, in fact, since we were young (very young) adults. We now have three adult sons and a host of grandchildren including one who is now a freshman in college, so, to the say the very least, we have seen a lot of conventions in our day. Not to mention the number of miles traveled, hotel rooms occupied, classes attended, and, yes, money spent.
I guess that maybe the real and true reason I might have been led to write this blog is to "get some things off my chest." I love this about blogging. I mean, since it is your blog, you can sort of jump on any subject you like. You don't have to be deep or even politically correct because you know you are among friends who will allow you to, so to speak, blow off some steam.
I have heard in conversation on more than one occasion the statement "Doc, I am not going to spend all that money and travel all those miles just for some fellowship." I am pretty sure that I am not the only person who has heard this one.
Now, the tenor and tone of the statement sort of indicates that there is something inherently wrong with or wasteful about fellowship. In other words the statement seems to be saying in effect, "if fellowship is all I'm going to get then it is not worth my time." Well, I know I am going to bust somebodies bubble and even rub some folks the wrong way (remember now, it's my blog), but the question I have is, exactly what is wrong with wholesome, spiritual fellowship? Does it have no value? Is it a waste of time? Is it not worth investing in? As for me, I truly believe that there are numerous blessings and benefits which can be and often are received simply and directly from fellowship alone. I can truthfully say that God has blessed me to attend some powerful, enlightening and helpful conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. and these have helped me more than words could ever express. But, and I am serious about this, some of the best, richest, and most powerful lessons that I have learned have been gleaned during periods of, (you got it right) fellowship. I am not making this up folks. When I look back over my life I have to honestly confess that God has used so many of these moments of fellowship with other preachers, pastors and believers to teach me some of the most valuable lessons that I have ever learned.
I have sat in the college classroom and have even had the privilege of helping to train and shape young minds while teaching in the seminary classroom, I have sat in corporate and executive board rooms and assisted in making literally million dollar decisions but, I repeat, some of the most powerful and lasting lessons that I have been blessed to learn were not in the classroom, not in the lecture hall, not in the workshop, not in the board room and not in the conference or seminar but during times of fellowship. Now, I must confess that I have been blessed to sit at the feet of and be in fellowship with some of the greatest preacher/pastor's this world has ever known but I have also been blessed to sit in fellowship with preacher/pastor's and other Christian believers who, in most circles, would be counted among the nameless or insignificant but, oh!, the lessons they shared and, oh!, the richness that flowed from their hearts and lips, trust me, words cannot describe the blessings and benefits of them all. I thank God for each and every one of them. From Chicago, IL. to Seguin, TX., from Los Angeles, CA to Bryan, TX and hundreds of places in between, the wisdom and sharing during moments of "fellowship" have been and continue to be "priceless."
This may have been what John was trying to convey when he said "we know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren...." Wow! What a testimony! Now tell me folks, how much is that kind of fellowship worth?
As usual, I am guilty of making this far too long but, hey, that's right, it is my blog :). But as I "prepare to close" L O L (help me brother preachers) let me make it crystal clear that when I say fellowship I am talking about real, spirit led, and spirit filled fellowship. You know, the kind you have when excited and sincere people of God get together. I am not, I repeat, am not, talking about mere social activity. Listen, you can have an abundance of social activity and not have a single ounce of true fellowship. When I say fellowship I am talking about the Acts 2:42 kind of fellowship. These people, these New Testament Christians, the word says, "devoted themselves to the Apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." It is clear that true "fellowship" is not simply "breaking bread".
Well, I guess I have rambled on long enough but to use the term of a dear fellow pastor and friend of mine "I feel better." God is good and I thank Him for the privilege of fellowship.
And, once again, as Sister Pullam and I launch out on yet another journey into the sphere of the National Baptist Convention I thank God in advance for the blessings and benefits we are going to receive not just from the meeting itself, not just from the powerful sermons we will hear, not just from seeing friends, but also from the FELLOWSHIP! God bless you all.
By the tie of Calvary,
Pastor W.L. Pullam

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Once again, a little slap from God

Well, another day of preaching and worship has winded down to a close and as I reflect on the day and thank God for what He has done I realize and accept the fact that, once again, I earned a "little slap from God." Let me explain.

As I lay in the bed this morning before rising I listened to the raindrops. In fact it rained most of the night. Anyway, as I lay there I was thinking, well, I know what this means, attendance is going to be a wash out today and all of the hard work in laboring in the word and making preparation all week long is going to fall on deaf ears.

Upon arriving at the church and seeing just a small handful of cars on the parking lot I perceived in my feeble mind, that "you were right." I went through the usual routine of sitting in on Sunday School, while continuing to pray for the worship. As the worship began the crowd was, just as I had predicted, pretty thin, and I was, (unconsciously of course) saying, "yes, you were right." I continued to pray and just made up my mind that "it really don't matter", I am just going to preach as the Lord has directed and the few of us that are here are going to "give God the glory." From this point forward in the worship I was just totally not focused on the number of folks who were or were not there. My heart, my mind, my thoughts and my focus was on the word. God blessed the word and the worship in a great way and, I'm not making this up, it was not until the benediction that I actually noticed that the Lord had grown the number of folks that were there. It was then that I realized that, "once again", I had gotten a little "slap from God." A "little slap" to let me know afresh that He, not me, is in charge of this business! A "little slap" to let me know that He, not me, is the center of attraction. A "little slap" to let me know that He, is not hung up or even concerned about the numbers. A "little slap" to let me know that He, not me, already knew exactly who would and who would not be in attendance.

Now, as strange at it may sound, I love these "little slaps" from God. I thank God for them. And I repent and apologize to God for ever having these little feeble thoughts and feelings.

Well, I know that this little blog probably does not make much sense to anybody but me but, hey, it has made me feel better to share it. God is good and He loves us more that we love ourselves and because of His great love for us He gives us a "little slap" every now and then. Thank God for the "little slap."

By the tie of Calvary,

Pastor W.L. Pullam

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Greetings to all.

Well, I finally took the first step into the big wide world of blogging.
In the coming days I will be making an attempt to post my first blog. I ask in advance for the sincere prayers of the righteous.
At this point, I do not anticipate a daily post but will, at least for now, post a thought or two from time to time.